Our Team

The Dream Project is run and operated by undergraduates at Colorado State University with support from staff adviser, Michelle Wellman and The Access Center.  Dream Team mentors can participate in various leadership positions in the program, allowing them to affect real change and to address urgent organizational challenges.

Steering Committee
Program-wide decisions are made by a five-person student steering committee. Each member of the committee is responsible for a different aspect of the project: classroom planning/curriculum, student leadership development, high school relationships, program advancement, organizational expansion, and community.

High School Leads
High school leads manage all aspects of their respective high school's visits. Each high school lead coordinates the efforts of approximately 20 Dream Team mentors and 30 high school students. They work closely with school administrators, students' families, and the local community to serve the needs of the area.

Dream Team Members
The students enrolled in the university course meet once a week to learn about the college admissions process, discuss issues, and prepare for the upcoming week's visit to the high schools. The class also advises the steering committee on matters of program direction and philosophy when necessary. Currently, more than 200 students are enrolled in the course for the quarter.

Committee Heads
In order to organize all major events and programs within the Dream Project, the steering committee selects a committee lead — typically an emerging student leader. The committee lead works closely with a steering committee member and a small group of interested Dream Team mentors to execute the event or program.

Think Tank
Students in the class who are interested in a leadership position are encouraged to attend a weekly forum called “Think Tank” where they can introduce their ideas and gain feedback. After gaining approval from steering committee members, these emerging student leaders are empowered to implement their ideas.

Advisory Board
The advisory board is composed of CSU staff with experience in educational programming; it meets quarterly to provide advice for the student leaders and review program decisions as directed by the Dean and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.