Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to benefit from the Alliance Partnership?

Is the Alliance Partnership offered at any other college or university?

There may be other programs also named "Alliance Partnership", but ours is a stand-alone program offered only at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO.  This program is not offered through any of our affiliate institutions, including CSU-Pueblo, CSU Online Plus, or CSU Global Campus. Students who are interested in utilizing the Alliance Partnership Award should be aware of eligibility requirements.

What if I want to go to Colorado State University and receive the Alliance Partnership Award, but am not ready to attend a four-year university?

Our Alliance Transfer Award is available to students who graduate from an Alliance High School and enroll in a Colorado public community/junior college within nine months of high school graduation. Students who first attend another four-year college or university will become ineligible to receive the Alliance Transfer Award. There are no specific rules about whether or not a student attends a Colorado community college part-time or online. As long as students meet the following requirements:

  • Graduate from an Alliance High School Spring 2007 or later
  • Have only attended a Colorado public community/junior college after high school graduation and before enrollment at CSU
  • Enroll at the community/junior college within nine (9) months after graduation from high school
  • Gain admission to CSU as a transfer student
  • Be a Colorado resident for tuition purposes
  • Complete an admissions application by June 1

If a student completes 30 credits at the community college level, CSU Admissions will no longer consider the high school transcript as a factor for admission.

I want to attend an Alliance summer program but my grades are not very high. Can I still apply?

Yes! Our programs are intended to motivate students to pursue their education beyond high school. We use a holistic review process to choose who we invite to participate in our programs. You do not have to be at the top of your class to participate in our programs. You simply have to demonstrate to us, through your application, that you have a desire to improve your grades, pursue a college education, and make the most of the opportunity to attend the summer program.

I want to attend an Alliance summer program, but our family funds are limited. Can I still attend?

The majority of our programs are fully-funded - students do not need to pay to attend or participate. In some cases, we require a deposit to hold your registration. If this presents a hardship, please contact us.

¿Ofrecen la información en español?

, lo hacemos. Para asistencia en español, por favor póngase en contacto con Andrea Bazoin: (970) 491-2851, También puede ponerse en contacto con Jonathan Goode, Consejero de Admisiones:, (970) 491-6454.


Are there programs available for Middle School students?

The Alliance Partnership was created to work specifically with ten high schools across Colorado. However, some of our programs are available for students who attend designated feeder schools. We do not serve students from any middle schools outside of these schools.

Is the Alliance Partnership Award stackable with any other awards at CSU?

The Alliance Partnership Award is stackable with the following awards:

The Alliance Partnership is not stackable with the following awards:

Do you plan to serve any additional schools in the future, or change the schools you currently serve?

Since 2007, we have developed a strong partnership with our ten Alliance High Schools. We currently have no plans to make any additions or changes.

How can I stay informed about upcoming programs, deadlines, and events?