Job Opportunities

  The Access Center (TAC) is an exceptional organization because of the important mission of influencing participants' lives. It requires an exceptional degree of commitment and competence from staff. To ask participants to set high standards, our own standards must be higher still. All Access Center personnel are expected to exhibit the highest standards of professionalism, both with respect to other staff members and with others outside the organization, and to act as role models for TAC participants at all times.

The important mission and task of TAC requires full effort and commitment of all members of the staff. Team effort is valued, with each team member sharing his or her energies and talents regardless of particular job title, assignment, or program affiliation. This team effort requires sensitivity, communication, and mutual support.

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Job Title                                Closing Date                     Position Type           Current Status             

UB Summer Positions       2/10/17; 5:00 pm MST        Hourly              Accepting Applications

Bridge Group Leader        2/28/17; 3:00 pm MST        Hourly              Accepting Applications 

Bridge Coordinator           2/28/17; 3:00 pm MST         Hourly              Accepting Applications