Reach Out

Reach Out is a synergistic effort to advance learning opportunities of CSU students and Colorado's historically under served secondary students by providing a platform for educational outreach while directly supporting and simultaneously advancing university strategic goals in the areas of outreach,diversity, and curricular innovation.

Goals of Reach Out:


  • To develop learning and engagement opportunities in a way that historically under served communities identify as important
  • To increase access and opportunity to CSU for students of diverse backgrounds
  • To increase attendance and retention rates of diverse students at CSU
  • To help improve life chances of students who otherwise would not have them


Guiding Principles of Engagement Strategies:


  • Information and academic advising —to allow students and their families to make sound decisions about educational opportunities
  • Educational and academic programming —through educational experiences students raise their motivation and commitment to educational goals
  • Long-term partnerships —outreach efforts are more effective and better received when there is a genuine commitment to a long-term partnership


Reach Out partners with the Key Communities, a residential learning community for first and second-year students who share a desire for civic engagement, service, academic excellence, appreciation for diversity, and leadership in the Fort Collins, and Denver Communities. Students in Key engage in service-learning opportunities with Reach Out to provide activities and workshops on post secondary preparation for historically under served secondary students.