Why Are We Unique

The Dream Project is unique because it sends students who have the opportunity to understand issues of socially mobility and educational opportunity from an academic perspective. The Colorado State University Dream Project complements the work that many organizations are doing to make education more widely available. In addition to this academic understanding, the CSU students also have a strong training and understanding of what makes a strong personal statement, how to apply for the FAFSA, identifying and applying for scholarship opportunities and, through our partnership with EAN, SAT/ACT preparatory instruction.

When we assemble a class of CSU students from many different backgrounds to discuss issues of educational opportunity and social mobility and giving them an opportunity to contribute by working with highly capable high school students we will graduate a more empathetic graduating class. Unlike any other program, the Colorado State University Dream Project allows students to both learn about issues that plague people in our community and given the opportunity to change the lives of those individuals.

In the process of having the CSU students work with the high school students we create a community in waiting.