CSU Priority 1: Evaluation, Record Keeping, and Reporting Student/Project Performance Action Plan - Online Training

  • The Action Plan will guide you in applying what you have learned from this training to your own project. The plan should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely; and something you can implement within the next 60 days. Your Priority 1 Mentor and Project staff will provide guidance and support in implementing your plan. To aid you in identifying an Action Plan, your Priority 1 staff have identified the most frequently selected plans. Please select a plan below or click the “Other” option to define your own.

  • Action Plan Formative Goals and Measures:

  • 60-DAY FOLLOW UP: After sixty days, we will follow-up to help you assess your progress. Questions we will ask of you will include:

  • 1. How well did you accomplish your outlined objectives?

  • 2. What additional information/activity supported you in achieving your goals?

  • 3. What in your work environment blocked you from achieving your goals?

  • 4. What ongoing or additional goal(s) will you now strive to achieve and how can we support you?

  • **A copy of your submitted online Action Plan will be returned to you following the training along with documents and resources to help you successfully implement and complete your Action Plan. Your assigned Priority 1 mentor will also contact you individually with additional guidance and support.