Reach Out: Colorado State University is a synergistic effort to advance learning opportunities of CSU students and Colorado’s historically underserved secondary students by providing a platform for educational outreach while directly supporting and simultaneously advancing University strategic goals in the areas of outreach, diversity, and curricular innovation.  Our program engages college students in creating college pathways for middle and high school students, and enriches the curricular experience of first-generation college students by  providing innovative and highly engaging programs for middle and high school students, as well as family and community members.

Goals of Reach Out

  • Develop learning and engagement opportunities in ways that historically underserved communities identify as important.
  • Increase access and opportunity to CSU for students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Help improve life opportunities for students who otherwise would not have them.

Guiding Principles of Engagement

  • Provide information and academic advising – to allow students and their families to make sound decisions about education opportunities.
  • Offer students educational and academic programming- through educational experiences that raise their motivation and commitment to educational goals.
  • Create genuine commitment to long-term partnerships – so that outreach efforts are more effective and better received.