What is the Bridge Scholars Program?

The CSU Bridge Scholars Program provides residential college-life experience to select Colorado State University freshmen applicants. The program is designed to assist students, especially those from first-generation and underrepresented backgrounds, in making a successful transition to Colorado State University by:

  • providing the Bridge Scholars with intensive on-campus collegiate experience, including an award to cover room & board, tuition & fees, and books and supplies; and
  • enhancing academic skills and college preparation through group study, tutoring and supplemental instruction; and
  • creating connections with campus resources and participating in leadership development activities.

Are you ready for the next step? Get started now!

Taking the next step on your college journey may seem like a huge undertaking, but really is just a step, and we are here to help you.

Your application will be evaluated by a committee that will focus not only on your academic ability, but also on your willingness to handle responsibility and to set standards of excellence in your study habits, college classroom performance and participation, interaction and relationships with your peers, and general behavior.

Successful applicants will demonstrate a strong commitment to completing their college education.

If you are selected, your time in the Bridge Scholars Program will offer you challenges and responsibilities, but most of all a jump start on your college education. So, give this application your full and careful consideration.