As a fully immersive, experiential course, students’ work is structured around finding meaningful solutions to community sustainability problems, working with government and non-profit clients from Fort Collins and other Front Range Colorado communities. Specifically, students focus on projects dealing with one or more community sustainability aspects of the six focal areas of the School for Global Environmental Sustainability:

Climate Change and Energy
Food Security
Environmental Institutions and Governance
Sustainable Communities
Land and Water Resources
Biodiversity, Conservation, and Management
The following are examples of the final projects created by Bridge students and their class team group groups.

Equitable Access to Health and Well-Being

Health and well-being are essential within a community.  A healthy community is a happy community.  The main focus of this project is to evaluate and ensure that parks/natural areas and healthy food are accessible to the Alta Vista neighborhood in Fort Collins.

Equitable Transportation Accessibility

Fort Collins is well known for being bike-friendly.  The purpose of the Bike Fort Collins project is to find ways to extend resources found in Fort Collins beyond the city limits – in particular the Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park.  Document Available In Spanish.

Save Your Food Campaign

Residential food waste continues to be a growing problem.  The “Save Your Food” campaign was launched to raise awareness about residential food waste.

A Healthier Fort Collins

The objective of Healthier Fort Collins is to make recommendations for a “health hub” facility that would address all aspects of health within the 80521 zip code community in Fort Collins.  The “health hub” will address community needs through systems thinking and problem solving.